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The SCG Solutions core network interconnects with all the major carriers, enabling us to provide a complete end-to-end managed solution for your voice and data networks.

Network Solutions
& Security

The SCG Solutions core network interconnects with all the major carriers, enabling us to provide a complete end-to-end managed solution for your voice and data networks.

 We can guide you through the options available to connect your staff, customers, and suppliers, from a single internet connection through to Wide and Local Area Networks, SDWANs, internet connectivity, internal cabling, and WiFi solutions. Reliability, resilience, and security are at the centre of all the solutions we provide.

SCG Solutions Internet

Internet Connectivity

From single ADSL broadband through to 100Mbps and Gigabit, we deliver fully managed circuits with built-in resilience for your business. Managed through our core network, we actively monitor connectivity and failover routing plans to ensure the highest quality connection for your communications.

SCG Solutions Wide Area Network

WAN (Wide Area Network)

At SCG we provide a full design, consultation, installation, management and support service for WAN and SD-WAN networks. Connecting directly to our core network, our fully managed solutions free you up to concentrate on adding value to your business.

Network Solutions

A good network relies as much on the configuration of your LAN as it does on the connection from the internet. Having the right cabling and WiFi solutions in place will improve overall performance.

SCG Solutions LAN

LAN (Local Area Network)

Through concept, delivery and support, we provide LAN solutions with 24/7 monitoring, fully managed switches and wireless access points, connected securely to our network for resilient internet connectivity. Intelligent software tools provide all the information you need to make informed decisions and monitor your network performance.

SCG Solutions WiFi Connectivity

WiFi Connectivity

Secure corporate and guest WiFi solutions enable controlled access across user groups and large areas such as warehouses, shop floors or building sites. Designed to provide the best possible coverage, we also offer tools to control the segmentation of networks and access rights.

Security Solutions

Cybersecurity goes far beyond simply inspecting and managing traffic that traverses a firewall. Every organisation experiences an expanding list of vulnerabilities and faces the continual demand to optimise their security stance.

Alongside securing the network perimeter, it is essential steps are taken to safeguard email and web browsing activity, integrate remote or home-based workers, identify and defend against the latest threats and adhere to increasingly punitive data protection legislation. Next generation firewalls, data loss protection, and advanced email and web security still play a very important part in securing your business against threats of malware and worse and at SCG we provide a complete security solution to protect your networks and data.

At SCG our complete security solution combines Next Generation firewalls, web and email filtration, Secure Remote Access and enhanced network controls to give you the safe working environment your business needs.

Next Gen Firewalls

Next Gen Firewalls

Next generation firewalls combine a number of detection and prevention technologies and management tools to give you full control over your security solutions.

Email & Web Security

Email and web security products add an extra level of security and our consultants offer practical advice on the best security solutions, based upon the main activities of your business.

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