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Do You Really Need A New Mobile Handset Every Contract Change?

The simple answer is no. Unless your phone is not supporting the requirements of your business then there is no need to replace your handset. It is an added business cost and is not environmentally friendly.

Take the time to check your employee's handset performance and review tariff changes

If you have a fleet of business mobiles, even more reason to check whether your employee’s handset is still performing well and simply update your tariffs with your provider rather than upgrade all handsets every 2 years, your cost savings will speak for themselves.

Tariffs for mobile phones are reviewed and updated all the time across all networks, so most likely the monthly cost will have reduced, in some cases dramatically after the standard 2 years contract. 2 Circles Solutions generally save businesses up to 50% during contract review and renewals. Check out our managed mobile information on our home page.

So what is the actual environmental implication of a mobile handset?

To explain fully, for example, the iPhone 13 Pro Max model is responsible for an estimated 74 kg of carbon dioxide emissions throughout its life. 80% of this is generated during manufacturing, 4% is then responsible for transporting the phone to an Apple Shop. That means before you have even taken your new handset home, it has accumulated 62.16 kg in carbon emissions.

What can you do?

If you are extremely conscientious regards your carbon footprint, there are ways to extend the life of your device.

Repair, Don’t Replace – get it fixed before buying a new one. Repairs have a smaller carbon footprint and will be cheaper helping you save money.

But if you do decide your phone is just too tired for your business needs, you can be environmentally conscious about which new model you purchase, for example you could consider a Modular Phone – Modular devices help increase the overall life of your smartphone, and you don’t have to suffer from poor performance near the end of its life since you can upgrade it as needed but not replace the entire handset.

For further advice on keeping up with technology check out a block post here 

Sell it, Recycle it -

If you have weighed up all the options but have still decided to upgrade, don’t throw away your current device or keep it in your knick nak drawer. Extend your phones life by giving it to someone else who can’t afford to buy a new phone or if in good enough condition you could sell it on.

We can all be a part of the solution in reducing carbon emissions, even just by being open to the different options available before rushing off to make a new purchase, be open to considering the alternative options.

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