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The BIG switch off… Do you understand?

Replacing the copper cabling with fibre optic lines changeover will be completed by the end of 2025. This means that every business and household in the UK will need to replace their traditional telephone service with an IP (Internet Protocol) based telephone service.

Don’t be fooled into thinking…. I’ve got plenty of time! Lots of other businesses will be doing the same and then you are caught up in transitioning traffic!

Here’s the blow-by-blow plan:

•         The trials!

BT Openreach have 2 ‘trial exchanges’ set up to test the migration process.

Trial 1: will retire all copper services in the Salisbury, Wiltshire area by the end of 2022, moving all households and businesses to fibre broadband.

Trial 2: is for areas of the UK where fibre broadband is not currently available, so BT will move all Mildenhall business & residents from a copper network to a data-only broadband service known as SoGEA. This service is around 30 percent cheaper than a standard telephone line and broadband package, faster to install and easier to maintain and support.

These trials will be concluded with all copper services switched off by December 2022 – only 6 months away!

  • Concluding the trials the ‘STOP SELL’ notice will happen in 2023, no new Wholesale line rental (WLR) services will be accepted.
  • Finally: 31st December 2025 all WLR and PSTN services will be switched off.



So, what should you do?

Time for a change to Cloud telephony? With all the benefits Cloud Telephony has to offer anyway, the smart move is to switch sooner rather than later, don’t wait for the inevitable last-minute stampede.

You can remove your hardware and maintenance costs; it is less expensive than ISDN and has tremendous amounts of flexibility and features to enhance any business of any size. Cloud telephony is an insurance policy. If your business premises should fall to the ground unexpectedly, (hopefully not) – you can simply move to another location or have staff work from home with minimal impact to your organisation.

Here are some more undeniable benefits.

  • Fast and easy to setup, with better voice quality than analogue
  • Various solutions to suit your individual business model and budget
  • Calls between users within the same organisation are free and makes hybrid working easy
  • You can manage settings yourself; new extensions, call recording, hunt groups, call reporting, etc (previously only available to larger organisations)
  • Flexible and scalable: you can easily add new users as you need them
  • Extremely reliable with minimal downtime thanks to built-in redundancy and automated failover

To prepare your business for the switch off contact 2 Circles Solutions for some free advice.

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