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The Big Switch Off

The End of the Line
for copper services

Telecoms big switch off

The countdown to the nationwide stop sell in September 2023 has begun!

On SEPTEMBER 5th this year BT will stop selling and supporting PSTN Network Connections
and Wholesale Line Rentals.

From 2025 they will switch these networks off.

As part of the Big Switch Off, the UK-wide stop sell on 5th September means that copper-based services such as ISDN will no longer be available for purchase.

Pre-existing legacy services can still be used unti lswitched off in December 2025, but you won’t be able to source any new services, or modify existing ones.

Businesses are already being operationally impacted by this, increasing project budgets and extending timelines. Failing to act now could reduce your options, increase disruption and result in higher costs.

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What are my options?

One option is to move to a fibre service and embrace the Cloud, using solutions such as our own Evonex telephony platform. An alternative is via SIP with an on-premise hybrid telephone system.

If you have a lift line or analogue line that underpins another service, this can be migrated, but likely on a higher tariff and subject to changes further down the line.

Not sure where to start with the Big Switch Off? Don't worry, we can help!

SCG will guide you through the whole process to make it as easy as possible, resulting in a communications solution that won’t be affected by The Big Switch Off and actually improves business performance.

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Get ahead in the Cloud

By hosting your telephony in the Cloud with either IP or SIP telephony, it will be much easier to manage and flex your communications platform your way, and add on applications and new technology when required.

The Cloud also upgrades your business continuity and increases security, and if a line fails then it can be set to automatically switch over to another. If faced with the unforeseen, like another pandemic, then you can easily set up staff to work from home where they can access the same features and functionalities that they can in the office. Capabilities like flexible call routing put you in driving seat with routing plans, or let you change things as needed, then and there.

What are you waiting for?

Act now to get your plan in place ahead of the stop sell on 5th September!

Contact our experts to discuss your businessto discuss your business and requirements, and we will organise the best solution for you.

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