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What are the real benefits of business networking?

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So, if I were to explain the benefits in one sentence it would be something like this.

‘Making new connections opens the door for new business opportunities and referrals.’

But the benefits are so much more!

Attending networking events or being part of a network such as BNI lends opportunity to meet potential new clients. Check out another of our recent blogs posts here to see how beneficial it can be. 

Being more visible within your network boosts your reputation within your industry and unrelated industries that require your services. Meeting people in person allows you to engage in positive ways you simply cannot achieve in a call! The more events, 1;1’s you can attend will only grow your reputation and expertise in your field. Remember, not everyone will require your services at that moment, but if you are visible, you will be remembered for when they do. Then comes the referral part of networking; they will most likely know a host of connections, friends, even family members that they can refer you to that made need your services now.

Whilst networking you will learn a lot –  gaining insight, new ways of doing things within your business from other successful businesses is a huge plus, you are never too old to learn new tricks and making your network stronger will offer opportunity for such advice, maybe another business could even offer yours resource if ever you needed? Sometimes this collaboration from networking will lead to new business growth…..

And what about that business owner you just cannot seem to pin down because he is so damn busy? – you can finally put an end to the game of phone tennis you may have been having for months! Industry events and networking groups can offer that opportunity to connect with the decision makers, even from other parts of the world that you would never just be able to run into otherwise.

Don’t forget that Networking isn’t just me, me, me. You can offer all the things we have spoken about to someone else! – this is a truly rewarding feature of the networking circuit, helping other businesses grow by connecting them with your network! Giving other new start-ups or flailing businesses your advice and help is a great feeling and furthers your experience and confidence as a businessperson; to provide insights or help someone else achieve their goals is something everyone should try to do.

And finally, without sounding soppy, one of my favourite parts of my Networking journey has been the genuine friendships I have made along the way – it doesn’t always have to be ‘work talk’, you will meet people with similar interests as you and create lifelong friendships.

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